Agile Training

Agile Training

Most of our workshops are delivered onsite for customer teams domestically and internationally. We do schedule open enrollment classes and will be launching Online learning options soon. Let us know if you want to attend an open enrollment class in your city.


Real World Agile Team Workshop

Our TOP Selling Agile/Scrum course! This intensive hands-on workshop helps a cross-functional team who is new or even experienced with Agile learn Real World practical ‘HOW To’ methods that will significantly improve their Agile adoption. This course is a must-have if you are considering Agile adoption on a new project OR want to improve your current practices…

Agile for Project Managers

This workshop walks through the entire Agile project lifecycle with special emphasis on Agile Program and Release Planning, Estimating and Setup. We cover techniques for initiating, planning, estimating, velocity tracking, measuring business value, and best practices for execution. We do a deep dive into the role and skills needed to transition from traditional Project Management to Agile …

Effective/Agile Requirements Gathering

This is NOT your traditional requirements gathering class! We walk you through a practical four step process (Visioning, Brainstorming, Breakdown, Deep Dive) for gathering requirements using visual Agile modeling techniques. We cover very effective elicitation techniques for identifying, breaking down epics, prioritizing, and sizing requirements. You will learn real world techniques you can apply tomorrow on your own projects!

Overview of Agile for Product Owners

This course addresses the business-side questions related to Agile such as: What is the business value of using Agile? Why should I collaborate with IT this new way? Who is the Product Owner and what does my new role entail? What is the time commitment expected from me? What new skills will I need to gain? We will cover these questions in addition to many more about the new role of the Business team on Agile projects…

Executive Overview of Agile and Lean

This is our intensive executive/management overview course that introduces the main concepts and drivers behind Agile, Lean and Scrum to a leadership team. We provide a strategic roadmap for how to successfully transform an organization to lean high performing teams. We will discuss how to transform your culture, leadership style, collaboration environment, reward and measurement systems, vendor contracts, hiring practices in addition to others…

ScrumMaster Certification

This 2 Day course will help you understand the What and Why behind Scrum and targets folks interested in becoming Certified ScrumMasters. Participants who complete the course successfully will be designated a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), the first step on the road to Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) by the ScrumAlliance.

Agile/Lean Portfolio Planning and Management

Are you frustrated with not having one enterprise view of your organization’s Backlog? Do you have this list but don’t feel very comfortable with the methods you’re using for Portfolio Prioritization? Do you feel like your organization is multi-tasking too many projects at the same time without visibility or understanding into your enterprise capacity? This workshop is for you!

Kanban for Agile Teams

More and more companies are adopting Lean and Kanban methods as part of their Agile Transformation. Pure continuous flow Kanban systems (without iterations) are commonly being used when your backlog includes minor enhancements and support related items where Scrum is being used more for Project like efforts. This workshop covers the foundations of Agile, Scrum and digs deeper into Kanban and how you can use with or without Scrum.

Agile Planning and Estimating

This course takes a deeper dive into the topic of Agile Planning at the Program Level and at the Release Level. Many teams struggle with the topic of ‘Just Enough’ upfront requirements, ‘Just Enough’ upfront sizing and design and ‘Just Enough’ planning so this course is dedicated to demystifying these concepts and walking through practical real world approaches to successful Agile program and release planning.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

This is an intensive 3 day workshop that will help you learn the various Agile and Lean methods ( especially Scrum, XP, Kanban) in addition to Servant Leadership and collaboration skills by walking you through the lifecycle of Agile so that you leave more confident in your ability to successfuly execute Agile projects, and yes pass the PMI-ACP exam!

Advanced ScrumMaster Training

This is a deep dive course that takes you into some more advanced topics of how to take your ScrumMaster skills to the next level. Participants start by brainstorming many of the real world daily challenges they face as ScrumMasters then we discuss practical ways to address them. This is NOT the entry level ScrumMaster Certification course.

Agile Engineering Best Practices

Many teams that adopt Agile will tend initially to focus on adopting the Scrum practices of Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Retrospective. The only problem is these practices will not help on the engineering side of the house. The goal of this workshop is to take a team (Developers, DBAs, Analysts, Testers, Deployers, Architects) through a journey of Agile Engineering Practices founded from methods such as XP, FDD and pure common sense architectural patterns we’ve always known…

Agile Testing

Learn how to strategize, plan, design and execute tests in an Agile environment. This course will particularly address the challenges and strategies for testing in short development iterations, writing user acceptance tests upfront and moving from a waterfall method of testing to a more Agile/Iterative testing strategy. Key topics also include test automation.

If you’re looking for a specific course that is not listed here, please contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We can customize something to fit your needs.

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