Agile for Product Owners

This course addresses the business questions related to Agile such as: What is the business value of using Agile for me and why should I collaborate with IT this way? Who is the Product Owner and what does my new role entail? What are the expectations of me? What are User Stories and how do I write them? How can I be an effective Product Owner? What is the role of my Users and business SMEs? What are Acceptance Tests and how do I identify them? When do I and my users do acceptance testing? What techniques and real world best practices can I use to motivate and encourage the team? I haven’t played a ‘Leader’ role before, how do I prepare?


What You’ll Learn

  • A History on Waterfall Development
  • So Why Agile? The Value Proposition
  • Agile values and principles
  • What is Scrum? What are the Roles? What is the Process?
  • Deep Dive into the Product Owner Role
  • Expectations from You
  • Time Management for the busy Product Owner!
  • Your Expectations of the Team
  • Business Users and SMEs
  • Defining a Vision and Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Building The Story Backlog
  • Best Practices for Identifying and Writing Stories
  • Writing Acceptance Tests
  • How to do User Acceptance Testing
  • Being a ‘Leader’ and Setting Goals
  • Motivating High Performing Teams

Why This Course?

  • This course is designed with 60% workshops!
  • You will learn real world best practices and case studies for how others played this role successfully on their projects!
  • Prepares your business users and SMEs for their role and expectations.
  • Learn from a real world practicing Agile Coach who will share stories and lessons learned!
  • You will take away with our valuable ‘Product Owner Cheat Sheet’.
  • You walk away with valuable course material, handouts, resources and cheat sheets that will support you on your projects.

10 Group Workshops Included!

  • Workshop 1 – Learning Objectives
  • Workshop 2 – Waterfall Characteristics
  • Workshop 3 – Product Owner Expectations
  • Workshop 4 – Team Expectations
  • Workshop 5 – Traditional vs Agile Roles
  • Workshop 6 – Setting a Vision and Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Workshop 7 – Writing Stories and Acceptance Test cases
  • Workshop 8 – Characteristics of a ‘Leader’
  • Workshop 9 – Practice Giving Positive and Constructive Feedback
  • Workshop 10 – Retrospective