Agile Leadership Triangle Collaboration

The Leadership Triangle Collaboration 1-day class is a full-immersion course intended for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Technical/Solution leads and Managers to learn the ins and outs of each key leadership role in a stable team triangle and understand how they can best operate as a leadership team. Participants will do a deep dive into each leadership role, learn collaboration techniques, learn how to handle challenging situations Agile teams commonly experience, gain insights into which role has responsibility for what and how to make decisions as a team.


A basic understanding of the Agile lifecycle is recommended.


1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the importance of Agile principles and the benefits driving Agile adoption
  • Gain alignment on the Agile lifecycle
  • Deep dive into the Product Owner role
  • Deep dive into the Scrum Master role
  • Deep dive into the Technical/Solution Lead role
  • Expectations of how the Triangle Team works together
  • Come to agreement as to who is responsible for the different parts of the Agile process
  • Learn Best Practices for Collaboration
  • Understand how to handle common team dysfunctions
  • Learn participatory and collaborative decision making techniques
  • Working effectively with Managers and Leaders
  • How to Measure Team Success
  • Being a “Leader” & setting goals together

Why this course?

  • This course is designed with several interactive workshops!
  • You’ll go through real-world team scenarios and how to problem solve common dysfunctions.
  • You’ll experience how to best work together through role-playing and simulations.
  • Learn from a real world-practicing Agile Coach who will share stories and lessons learned!
  • You walk away with valuable course material, handouts, resources, and cheat sheets that will support you as you work as a team.