Designing Enterprise Agile Stable Teams

Many companies have piloted and adopted Agile methods at the team level but are looking now to mature and take their Agile adoption to the next level. Through this workshop you’ll explore the concept of Stable Teams and why they are more effective than temporary project teams.  This advanced and unique workshop will take your team through a practical, real world and intensive hands-on journey of designing your Enterprise Stable Teams strategy by looking at your current as-is team design and developing a plan for the future. Be prepared to learn some new and innovative methods for looking at enterprise capacity planning by planning around teams, measuring velocity and establishing a pull method from your portfolio backlog. Come with an open mind!

* Client preparation for this workshop is required before delivery.

What You’ll Learn

    • Top Challenges with Enterprise Portfolio Management
    • The Multitasking Problem
    • Why We Need a Different Approach
    • Limiting Work In Progress (WIP)
    • Enterprise Stable Teams Big Picture
    • The Pull vs. Push Concept
    • Understanding Capacity
    • Why Stable Whole Teams?
    • Building Communities of Practice
    • Designing Stable ‘Whole’ Teams
    • Which Team Should Pull What?
    • As-Is Team Current State
    • Roles and Allocation
    • To-Be Team Design
    • Design Considerations
    • Team Transition Plan
    • Next Steps – Piloting Stable Teams

Why This Course?

    • Real World and highly engaging workshop that uses YOUR own Portfolio of Initiatives! 70% Hands on!
    • Taught by highly dynamic expert with real world experience and ability to influence change!
    • Consider this a working session, you will actually use what you create during our intensive workshops!
    • Valuable courseware and handouts to refer to.
    • Get our one of a kind Agile Portfolio Jump Start Toolkit which includes: Business Value Buckets cheat sheet, Portfolio Planning Cheat Sheet, Agile/Lean Portfolio Big Picture, The Levels of Requirements