Lean Product Development

Organizations are increasingly moving towards finding ways to cut waste and optimize their processes. More and more companies are adopting a Lean Product methods as part of their Agile Transformation and as the next level of maturity.  Agile Lean Product development process are built on the concept of developing strategic product objectives and prioritizing feature based on Minimal Viable Product (MVP) increments to achieve those objective.  We’ll cover a mix of Product Canvas, Scrum and utilizing Kanban walls to visualize and prioritize your product roadmap.  Your team will also go through the Lean Product Health assessment and visualize their radar and develop a clear action plan to be implemented after the course. 



What You’ll Learn

  • Agile Overview
  • What is a lean mentalitity
  • What is Product Canvas
  • Lean in a Nutshell
  • Eliminating Sources of Waste in Development
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Start-up, Scrum, Kanban in a nutshell
  • Real World Examples of Product Management
  • Estimating & Prioritizing the Product Backlog across Product Initiatives
  • Scaling Agile Planning at the Product Line, Program and Portfolio
  • Make Measurement Visible
  • Defining Your Team’s Policies and ‘Pull’ Criteria
  • Lay out a visual Kanban board
  • When to use Kanban vs Scrum boards
  • Lean Product Health assessment and growth plan

Why This Course?

  • This course is 60% highly interactive workshops!
  • You will learn using our very effectiveExplain-Live-Demo-Practice method of teaching!
  • You will receive our most valuable “Value Stream Mapping Cheat Sheet”and “Kanban Cheat Sheet” handouts!
  • Taught by our dynamic, seasoned Enterprise Coach.

11 Group Workshops Included!

  • Workshop 1 – Personal Objectives
  • Workshop 2 – Major Sources of Waste
  • Workshop 3 – Multi-tasking
  • Workshop 4 – Setting Up the Product Canvas
  • Workshop 5 – Methods of Prioritization
  • Workshop 6 – Estimation & Planning
  • Workshop 7 – Scaling Agile Planning
  • Workshop 8 – Visual Simulations
  • Workshop 9 –Define and track execution across teams
  • Workshop 10 – Demo
  • Workshop 11 – Lean Product Health Assessment and Growth Plan