Transforming from Tactical to Strategic Leadership

This is a unique workshop designed for leaders who want to learn how to transform to a strategic mindset and learn the most critical skills for taking a strategy to execution. Many leaders struggle with managing tactical daily work, firefighting and solving problems and find they have no time to take a look at the bigger picture or strategically plan for process improvements or cultural changes needed by the team and organization.

Through this workshop, you will be challenged to think of a few key strategic change initiatives you would like to implement for your teams, and then walk through a series of group and individual activities to define a Vision, Strategy and Execution plan. Come prepared to do some self-reflection and share real world challenges and successes you’ve had relating to translating strategy to execution.

What You’ll Learn

• Comparing Tactical to Strategic Thinking

• Why Shift?

• Vision – Strategy – Execution

• Emergentics and Strategic Thinking

• Top 10 Strategic Leadership Skills

• Big Picture Dot Connector

• Visionary

• Vision Tool: Lean Canvas

• Strategy Planner

• Strategy Tool: Force Field Analysis

• Strategy Tool: Road mapping

• Value Focus

• Value Tool: Value Analysis

• Effective Initiative Owner

• Using Agile as an Execution Strategy

• Effective Facilitator

• Top 10 Facilitation Skills

• Influential Change Leader

• Change Management Models

• Inspiring Others

• Designing Rewards and Recognitions

• Transforming the ‘Culture’

• Coaching and Mentoring

• 6 Step Coaching Process

• Servant Leadership

• Understanding the Roots of Command and Control

• Shifting to Servant Leadership

Why This Course?

• This course is 70% highly interactive workshops!

• You will learn the top 10 Real World skills needed for being a strategic leader.

• You will use YOUR own strategic challenges throughout the course.

• At the end of this course you will have developed a full strategy for your specific opportunity.

• You will learn using our very effective Explain-Live Demo-Practice method of teaching!

• You will receive valuable cheat sheets and handouts for reinforcements post training.

• Taught by our dynamic, high energy practicing