Adaptive Leadership Journey

This is a powerful four-part journey that takes your executives and leaders on a journey from the traditional command and control leadership style to a new Adaptive Leadership style, better suited for leading High Performing Agile teams.

Included within this journey are four sessions, which take place over two days per quarter, and a bi-annual assessment that gives your leaders visibility into how they perceive themselves as leaders, how they are perceived by others as leaders, and the difference between the two. Each leader is encouraged to meet with an Agile Coach to review their assessment results and build a growth plan to help them reach the next level of maturity to truly become an Adaptive Leader.

We have designed this course to have extensive workshops and live demos to demonstrate the key skills needed.

 Servant Leadership 
Through this course, leaders will learn and practice execution of the most critical skills needed for leading by serving first. We will take them through practical real world situations and they will practice being a Servant Leader. This course is a self-discovery journey and incorporates the bi-annual assessment.

 Leading Agile Teams
This course focuses on how to successfully lead a self-organizing team.

 Tactical to Strategic Leadership
Leaders will learn how to step out of the previous world of managing daily tasks and how to strategically look forward for their teams and organization.

Adaptive Leadership
Leaders learn how to enable Business Agility and follow up on their bi-annual assessment to see how they have grown, based on the feedback, coaching and growth plans built from their initial assessments.

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