Agile Engineering Best Practices

Many teams that adopt Agile will tend initially to focus on adopting the Scrum practices of Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Retrospective. The only problem is these practices will not help on the engineering side of the house. The goal of this course is to take a team (Developers, DBAs, Analysts, Testers, Developers, Architects) through a journey of Agile Engineering Practices founded from methods such as XP, FDD  and pure common sense architectural patterns we’ve always known. We will discuss in detail some of the XP practices below, in addition to topics such as User Centric Design, Agile Architecture, Agile Database Design, Daily Builds and Code Check-ins, using Mock Data, and some on Automated Testing. Teams will walk away with new Team Engineering Norms they will apply to their projects.

  • xppractices
    • Test Driven Development
    • Metaphor
    • 40 Hour Week
    • Planning Gam
    • Refactoring
    • Simple Design
    • Pair Programming
    • Agile Testing
    • Short Releases
    • Coding Standards
    • Collective Ownership Continuous Integration

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding of the foundation XP principles
  • The cost of technical debt
  • Review the Agile Lifecycle diagram
  • Agile engineering roles vs. traditional roles
  • Identifying non-functional foundational requirements
  • Identifying proof of concepts and spikes
  • Planning early for dependencies
  • Planning early for testing (data and environments)
  • Test Driven Development
  • User Centric Design
  • High level architectural designs
  • High level data designs – just enough
  • UML Diagrams – Just Enough
  • Designing Service Contract Interface
  • Testing with mock data
  • Unit Testing and Build Automation
  • Defining build stability rules and measurements
  • Refactoring
  • Automated Testing Tools
  • Define your Engineering Team Norms

Why This Course?

  • Our course is 60% highly interactive hands on workshops!
  • You will receive our valuable “Agile Engineering Cheat Sheet” handout!
  • Facilitated by our dynamic, seasoned enterprise coach!
  • Great for team building!
  • Check out our course evaluations & testimonies!

11 Group Workshops Included!

  • Workshop 1 – Personal Objectives
  • Workshop 2 – Traditional vs. Agile Engineering
  • Workshop 3 – Brainstorming Non-Functional Stories
  • Workshop 4 – Identifying Proof of Concepts, Spikes and Dependencies
  • Workshop 5 –  Practicing User Centric Design
  • Workshop 6 – From Stories to High Level Architecture Models
  • Workshop 7 – Agile Database Modeling
  • Workshop 8 – Developing a Testing Strategy
  • Workshop 9 – Developing a Test Automation Plan
  • Workshop 10 – Planning for SCM and Build
  • Workshop 11 – Defining Our Engineering Team Norms