Leadership Agility

There is a new modern way of working that challenges traditional management methods of the past. This new way is focused on key principles:

  • Integrating the customer’s voice and feedback into everything we do.
  • Delivering value iteratively and being open to experimenting with new ideas.
  • Applying an Agile and Lean mindset to how we work.
  • Building cross-functional empowered teams that can deliver end to end value.
  • Adapting as a leader to an ever changing world and leading your teams through this ambiguity.

This one day course takes senior leaders, directors and people managers through a journey of exploration, self reflection and learning about this new way of working. The course ends with an action plan for how each participant can apply their learning within their area.  This workshop is ideal for an off-site leadership team-building session.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand key drivers for change
  • The future of work – enabling business agility
  • Agile and Lean Principles
  • Customer Seat at the Table
  • Focus on Business Outcomes
  • Team Structure and Agility
  • Shifting from Command and Control
  • Enabling Continuous Growth
  • Leading Through Ambiguity
  • Challenges with the Future of Work
  • Action Planning and Making an Impact

Why This Course?

  • Unique course designed to address real world challenges with leading adaptive organizations.
  • Provides practical solutions, reflection exercises and action items.
  • This course is designed with 60% interactive group workshops!
  • Engage in several workshops that simulate real world manager and team issues!
  •  For private courses, we can discuss YOUR company’s specific challenges and develop practical action items for improvements.
  • You walk away with valuable course material, handouts, resources and cheat sheets .

Group Exercises Included!

  • Exercise 1 – Your Best and Worst Work Week
  • Exercise 2 : Ball Point Game – Iterative Delivery and Empowered Teams
  • Exercise 3: Untangle This Game
  • Exercise 4: Leadership Behaviors and Impact Reflection
  • Workshop 5: Challenges with the New Way of Working
  • Workshop 6: Personal Action Plan