Opportunity Assessment Workshop

This workshop provides participants with a practical “hands-on” product and UX design thinking experience within the “Opportunity Assessment Phase” of the Enterprise Business Agility framework. Because we have integrated best practices and thought leadership from lean startups to Fortune 50 organizations we are able to bring you the latest tools, techniques and thinking in product design.

Students will form Product Discovery teams and select a potential idea to develop throughout the workshop. As part of the Journey, teams will explore market demand, customer problem/solution identification techniques and develop compelling user personas, journey and story maps and a lean canvas to communicate their idea to leadership. The Discovery teams will also learn how to build strong product backlogs and user stories and explore the “dual track scrum” process to feed continuous product innovation, delivery and product optimization.

Workshop Goals:

    • Overview of the Opportunity Assessment phase of the Enterprise Business Agility Framework
    • Explore product design thinking and how it relates to the customer experience
    • Expand your tool box with hands on experience with the following tools:
        • Customer Personas
        • Journey and User Story maps

      • Lean Canvas
      • Product validation and optimization testing techniques
      • Product Metrics
    • Review why early validated learning, not “Product Arrogance”, is essential to determine what not to build and why
    • Create and test hypothesis
    • Explore testing techniques to ensure we are building the “Right things” and measure their impact with metrics and tools
    • Learn how the “dual-scrum” method can be utilized for product delivery fed by product discovery
    • Review how Prototypes, Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) and Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) are leveraged from continuous test and learn techniques

Be prepared to learn a fun and innovative process framework that immerses you and your team in a fast paced collaborative and innovative environment. Be prepared to challenge your traditional thought process and get ready to work!


Students who have a basic understanding of Lean / Agile methods that are looking to discover new products or just optimize existing products.


This course is open to anyone interested in learning about product design and the customer experience, however the focus will be on Product Managers and Product Owners.


2 days

Opportunity Assessment Outline

Day 1

On the first day of the workshop, students are immersed into product design and customer experience thinking within the Enterprise Business Agility Framework. Students form discovery teams and quickly go to work on visioning, product design and develop a user persona and journey map through a series of hands on collaborative exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a Product Vision and Design
  • Create a User Persona
  • Create a Customer Journey Map

Day 2

The team continues work on their product design and leverages the customer centric work developed in Day 1 to solidify their ideas to create a lean canvas, an actionable “entrepreneur-focused” light business plan focused on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages. Discovery teams will develop a Story Map (or visual backlog) to help understand the key functionality of the product and will create hypothesizes to test a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and explore a Minimal Marketable Product (MMP) to deliver customer value to end users.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a Lean Canvas
  • Create a Story Map
  • Develop Product Tests and Metrics
  • Review continual product validation and optimization techniques