Scaling Agile to Large Multi-Teams

Many Agile teams learn how to plan at the Release, Iteration and Daily levels well but get stuck when it comes to planning a Release across multiple teams. Agile Program Planning and Management refers to the practices and activities that need to occur for a Program with deliverables that span several teams (possibly distributed) to plan and manage their backlog. This course will dive deeper into this topic with specific focus on forming the Program Leadership team, forming the program backlog and release roadmap, identifying and planning for dependencies and maintaining healthy cross-team communication and impediment visibility. We will address specific challenges related to planning with distributed teams and planning among Agile vs. Traditional teams.

What You’ll Learn

  • The 6 Levels of Agile Planning
  • Overview of the Agile Lifecycle
  • Release Planning at the Team level
  • Sample Team Reporting Output
  • What is a Program?
  • Why Do We Need a Program Leadership Team?
  • Common Challenges with Multi-Team Planning
  • Forming the Program Leadership Team (SOS)
  • Building the Program Backlog
  • Breaking Items Down to the ‘Right’ Level (Initiative, Deliverables, Themes, Features, Stories)
  • Deciding on Which Team Gets What
  • Identifying and Mapping Dependencies
  • The Agile Program Manager Role
  • Agile Program Manager Skills Needed
  • Ranking Backlog Using Value, Size, Risk & Dependencies
  • Planning for Integration and Testing
  • Planning for Agile and Traditional teamS
  • Planning for Distributed Teams
  • Building the Program Plan and Estimates
  • The Program Standup Meeting
  • Updating and Grooming the Program Backlog and Roadmap
  • Agile Program Metrics Tracking & Reporting
  • Stakeholder and Sponsor Management
  • Program Demos and Retrospectives
  • Short Overview of Agile Portfolio Mgmt.

Why This Course?

  • Real World and highly engaging workshop that uses YOUR own backlog and program as an example throughout the workshops. 60% Hands on!
  • Valuable courseware and handouts to refer to after training.
  • Taught by seasoned Agile Coaches who are practitioners working on real world projects.