Facilitating Agile Meetings

One of the common concerns that we hear is that Agile has too many meetings or ceremonies. While true, that Agile prescribes several key ceremonies, they all serve a distinct purpose. If executed correctly, Agile ceremonies can decrease the number, duration and frequenecy of additional meeting. Agile tends to prescribe less up-front planning and more just-in-time iterative planning and development.

Agile ceremonies are so much more that a group of people standing around in a circle giving a ‘status reports’. The goal of this workshop is to give you the essential tools and techniques needed to be able to execute the most common Agile Ceremonies, drive cross-functional participation, create feedback loops and build consensus. We have designed this course to have extensive hand-on workshops and live demos to demonstrate the key skills.


What You’ll Learn

      • Understand the fundamentals of collaboration and facilitation.
      • Understand the main roles required for effective facilitation of group sessions.
      • Learn how to effectively initiate and prepare for Agile meetings:
        • Project/Release Kickoff & Visioning
        • Story Writing Workshop
        • Release Planning & Estimating
        • Iteration Zero Planning
        • Iteration Pre-Planning
        • Iteration Planning
        • Daily Standup
        • Backlog Grooming
        • Demos
      • RetrospectivesLearn the most effective “Listening” and “Questioning” techniques used to control the meeting process and attendees.
      • Learn how to handle the most common group dysfunctions.
      • Learn how to manage and resolve conflict and build consensus.


Why This Workshop?

  • Our course is 60% highly interactive group workshops!
  • You will receive our most valuable “Effective Facilitator Cheat Sheet”   and “Top 10 must have for Effective Meetings” handout!
  • Taught by our dynamic, high energy practicing facilitator!
  • Check out the course evaluations & testimonies!

6 Group Workshops Included!

  • Workshop 1 – Foundations of Collaboration
  • Workshop 2 – Initiation and Preparing Group Sessions
  • Workshop 3 – Listening and Questioning Techniques
  • Workshop 4 – Managing Dysfunctional Behavior
  • Workshop 5 – Facilitating Information Gathering
  • Workshop 6 – Closing the Group Session